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Features and Services

Nuebe Gaming is an online casino from 2021. It has received a lot of love and support since its launch. Not after 6 months, it became a successful online casino in the Philippines. Our team found 4 reasons for this success.

Games and Promotions available​

Most promotions:

 Nuebe Gaming is the online casino with the most promotions in the Philippines. Includes jackpots, item cards, yellow cards, raffles, leader boards, and more. These countless promotions bring players huge benefits.

How to receive information about Nuebe promotions

 First, you can follow Nuebe on Facebook, the latest news will be updated. Small advice for you, if you don’t want to miss any information you can add Nuebe in your Telegram contact or download Nuebe APK to reach their customer service from the beginning and set the budget for matching games.  Nuebe has all kinds of promotions such as JILI, AE Slot, Fachai, these are slot machines that often have promotions. Players can check the details on Nuebe’s Facebook page and return to the games on the official website.

 JILI Game Promotion

 JILI Game is one of Nuebe’s suppliers. They have a number of fancy games including slots, reels, board games, and more. Promotions often come in many different ways:

  1. Mission card

 There is one “item card” and one “yellow card”. Players can use cards in their slots games to win change for access to free games.

  1. Daily login task

 JILI has daily quests for players, complete quests to get item cards! Daily tasks will automatically renew each time.

  1. Ranking Bonus

 Promotions often require players to play specific games to earn double points. 200 item cards will be distributed to players according to the leader board.

  1. Jackpot Payline Bonus

 Nuebe offers a variety of jackpot options. Players can only choose the one they like.

More detailed information please refer to our article: “JILI Game Promotions and Special Offers” There is guide teaching you how to play JILI`s game.

AE Slot Promotion 

 AE Slot offers a wide range of high-quality slot machines that have met the requirements of Gaming Labs International. He is part of the Random Number Generator association. It is an organization that ensures that casino games are fair to players.

  We recommend players to play AE Slot at the latest Hawkplay Online Casino 2022. They offer a bonus of ₱500 for new members. Until now, only Hawkplay is giving out generous bonuses like this, grab the spoon, don`t miss the timing!

FACHAI game promotion

FACHAI Game is a beautifully designed slot machine brand from Taiwan. Including a series of slot machines for Asian players. The slot machines are all special, the game symbols are also unique and interesting. FACHAI has now won the hearts of many players. Recently, Nuebe threw a weird FACHAI Christmas party. Players can choose 6 games using FACHAI. And bet ₱10,000 every day to get 1 lottery ticket, and the lottery can give you a free bonus. The event only lasts 5 days, maximum 50 lottery tickets can be received per day, and 250 tickets are available for 5 days. The Christmas party attracted countless players who flocked for the limited 50 lottery tickets.

Accumulated bets will be reset at 12 noon daily and tickets will be issued at 1 pm. Redemption must be completed by January 1, 2022. We believe players will be happy to use this bonus to play another range of FACHAI slots.

Which casinos run promotions?

Among the hundreds of online casinos in the Philippines. We only recommend 2 of them, which are Nuebe Gaming and Hawkplay. They are 100% legal and usually run all kinds of promotions.

  Nuebe Gaming: With full slots and regular promotions, it can be said that every time a player enters Nuebe Gaming, they can receive large and small rewards.  HawkPlay: Recently opened online casino full of slot machines, during opening time new sign up member discount can be up to ₱500. Grab the spoon, don’t miss the big deal!

100% legal:

 Players must play in a legitimate casino. You can choose Nuebe. It got the certificate from Isle of Man Gambling License in December 2019, the first-ever legal online casino in the Philippines. 

Easy deposit/ cash out:

Some casinos charge fees twice or even triple when it comes to money transfers. At Nuebe, using Gcash for your account will charge no fee and the money is fast transferred within 30 seconds.  4. 24/7 high-quality CSR:

Players can often get the latest text or even no response from SCR. Nuebe has a very attentive customer service team ready to serve you around the clock.

Customer Service Support

Nuebe have a 24/7 customer service support.

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