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6D Lotto All You Need To Know

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Watch today’s 6D Lotto Draw live streamed on PTV 4 or PCSO via the PCSO’s Facebook page PCSO or YouTube. The latest results for today’s 6D 6D Lotto are posted above, following PCSO live draws. To get the latest updates regarding 6D Lotto Draw results, you are advised to check out PCSO’s official site or follow us on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.   

PCSOs 6D Online Lottery Game is the 6-digit; check out every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9:00 PM for winning numbers combinations for today’s August 02 6D results. On these pages, Lotto players may check out 6D Result Yesterday and PCSO 6D Online Lottery Game Results in History. Players may also visit the Previous Results in 6D Results History page for analysis. This table shows a recap of 6D winners from tonight’s 6 DIGIT Lotto drawing.    

The following are the 6 Digit results drawn by the live lottery drawing on Youtube, PTV and Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Facebook. You may check it out below or view results from today’s PCSO remove like Swertres/3D Lotto ResultsSTL Results, and EZ2/2D Lotto. Players must verify the numbers printed on their tickets and the 6D draw date before leaving the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes authorized lotto branch. Before leaving the lotto outlet, players should check the keys to ensure that the numbers and 6D draw date are accurate.    

Ensure you keep your tickets safe and claim the prizes only from an approved lotto outlet to avoid any problems. When you claim your bonus, show the winning ticket to an authorized PCSO outlet, PCSO branch, or the main office of PCSO, depending on the prize amount.1. it would help if you claimed lotto prizes of Php300,001.00 and above at the main office of PCSO.   

Lotto prizes ranging from Php24.00 to Php10,000.00: Claims are made at any PCSO licensed Lotto Outlets nearby. Winners of the 6-D Lotto prizes, which are worth between Php 24 and Php 10,000, may collect the rewards from any authorized PCSO outlet or PCSO’s nearest branch office. For 6D Lotto enthusiasts, the player may purchase the tickets for P12 at the nearest authorized PCSO lotto outlet, including a documentary stamp tax (DST). For Lotto prizes worth P10,001.00 or more, winners may collect prizes from any PCSO branch office. 

PCSO allows only persons aged 18 years or older to participate in the 6-D Lotto Game and to claim winning prizes. Only players aged 18 or over are permitted to play the lottery. Some people play the lottery by their birthday numbers or a family member’s birthday.    

You must match six-digit numbers to their corresponding drawings to win the grand prize in our 6D games. If you do not get a First Prize, you may still win if your six-digit number matches the 5th, 4th, 3rd, or 2nd digits of the First Prize. Players matching six-digit numbers drawn on their eligible days are eligible for a larger prize, 6D.   

The first prize (MGA P150,000) goes to a player who matches a winning number in six digits exactly. The second prize winner (P40,000) goes to the winner who reaches the first five or last 5 out of the six winning numbers.   

If you got the first or last 5 of a winning six-digit combo, you win P40,000.00. If you got the winning (6-digit) combo in exact order, you would win at least Php 150,000.00. Remember that each number in the lottery has the same chance of being selected as the winning number.    

If you pick numbers higher than 31, this might not improve your odds of winning, but it might improve your odds of not sharing your winnings with someone. Forms mean that you will receive multiple tickets and numbers in the lottery, leading to an increased probability of winning.    

You can also opt for a Lucky Pick (LP) if you have no numbers. Enter your picks and hit the Search button to pull up results. Or tell a Lotto Teller your numbers and how much you would like to bet.   

Nobody knows what will be drawn at any lottery drawing, so do not get lured into promises that you will win numbers at high ticket prices. If no winners are found, they are added to the top prize pool of the next lotto draw, which is a 6-D Lotto. You can also check out today’s lesser prizes for today’s draws below or check out results from other today’s PCSO draws like the Swertres, STL, and EZ2 results.    

In addition to 6D Lotto, PCSO runs main-jackpot-prize games and Digits games. There are also plans to bring the fun of PCSO online to attract more bettor participation, leading to more significant funds. Below is a look at the latest jackpot prizes for the following PCSO main lotteries.  

PCSO said PCSO does not currently have an online betting platform or an online betting app. PCSO reminded the public to watch out for entities pretending to be employees of PCSO and tempting the public to purchase Lotto tickets online using their betting platforms. Amid the pandemic, all lotto enthusiasts should comply with new rules and regulations implemented in all PCSO Lotto Outlets when purchasing tickets to ensure compliance with the minimum guidelines for health and safety.  

Formerly called the 6-digit Lotto, Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) changed the name of the said lotto game to 6-digit Lotto. PCSO also keeps a tight hold on jackpot prizes and drawing schedules for said lotto games. Here, we will explain your questions about how you can collect your winnings from PCSOs’ 4-digit Lotto.    

The 6DIGIT Game is an active form of play in traditional sweepstakes. This post is about the August 2, 2022, 6D results, August 2, 6D results, 6 Digit Lotto Results, August 2, 2022, PCSO 6D Lotto Results Online Game 20.8.2022, PCSO 6D Lotto Results on August 2, 2022, and many more. The numbers shown in the row and columns above are results for today’s 6-DIGIT Lotto Game or 6-D Lotto, TUESDAY, April 19, 2022. Also, those are winning numbers and the Jackpots of Today, April 19, 2022, So please view all this page, also, see jackpot prices are the Second and Third Winners List.    

You may claim lotto prizes of Php20 up to Php10,000 from your nearest PCSO Outlets or PCSO branch offices. As in other games, the purpose of the 6D Lotto is to generate public funds for medical programs and health care services, offer commercial opportunities and participate in national charitable activities. 

For the fans of 6D Lotto, players can buy tickets at a nearby licensed PCSO lotto outlet at the cost of P12, which includes a documentary stamp tax (DST).

If there is more than ONE (1) WINNER of the FIRST prize, the pot is divided among these winners according to their wagers. Each FIRST PRIZE winner is guaranteed 150,000.00 for each bet of 12.00.

PCSO calculates 6D prizes according to its payment structure. In the 6-digit match, a pari-mutuel bracket is applied to the total reward for first place; depending on the number of winners, the amount distributed for the first place winner can be smaller than the allocated amount.

A Player has to select nine numbers out of nine, then print it out onto the 6-split play slip to enter. The player may also mark a lucky draw or an L.P. if they wish for the machine to select a number.

Ticket prices can vary depending on verified play amounts. Ideal play length is calculated based on AMT Segment.

The minimum amount of a play is PS12.00 per every 6-number combination. However, players are allowed to play over 12.00 per combination. The exact amount may also be played throughout two (2) to six (6) draws. To do so, write down your preferred sight count on your board.

You will divide the prize pool among those winners according to their wagers. Where do you view results from the 6D?

Aside from betting1010.com.ph, players can also check out current 6D lotteries from PTV and their online accounts through Facebook and Twitter. Official reports of the PCSO also stream the lottery. For instance, during special events, or significant public occasions, the PCSO will declare that it will suspend lottery draws for several days before their scheduled drawing dates.

If you have won a 6D lottery, enter your name and look at the brand on your winning ticket. Bring and show two (2) pieces of vital I.D. to be verified.

Bonanza prices above P10,000 receive 20% off as per the TRAIN Act.

You will forfeit any unclaimed rewards for one (1) year. Similarly, you will share 1% of your fees with the PCSO specialist who purchased your winning tickets. PCSO has fully approved every winning ticket. Also, PCSO does not mess with handling duplicate/changed keys since they do not honour either. Should someone looking to get a hold of a prize, be encouraged to do so.

Lotto Schedule

Jackpot Prize

Below is an overview of the latest jackpot prize of the following major lottery games of PCSO.

Major Lotto DrawJackpot Prize
6/58 Ultra LottoPhp 59 Million+
6/55 Grand LottoPhp 87 Million+
6/49 Super LottoPhp 45 Million+
6/45 Mega LottoPhp 8.9 Million+
6/42 LottoPhp 5.9 Million+