How To Play Casino Crazy Time Game and Win- With Our Top Strategies & Tips

Have you thought of winning Crazy Time Game with a proper sound strategy? Interviews with punters and casino owners have revealed several tips and techniques you can use today to increase your winning odds.

What is Crazy time?

What is Crazy Time Game?

Ask about the ultra-special bonus Crazy Time Game, and you will be transported into a unique virtual world, spinning a multiplier wheel for a tasty cash prize.

If you wager $1000, you could win as much as $5 Million should the Crazy Time Bonus Wheel have a 100x multiplier. Your stake could also be multiplied more if a multiplier wheel falls during a coin flip. On Coin Flip, your bets can be multiplied two times up to 100 times. If the disc lands on any number, you win the wager times your chosen Multiplier. This is extremely popular in game shows and online casinos. Additionally, real money is played with simple rules. The odds of winning are also higher than playing at slot machines.

The gambling game concept is this: You wager the number you believe will land on the wheel and get that as your pay-out. If the wheel stops on a segment with a number, and you place a bet on that number, you win. You win if the wheel stops at a part or mini-game you put a wager on. If the Crazy Time Wheel stops on the numbers segment, your win is the numbers multiplied by the amount of money you placed.


For each play, a multiplier is installed for one of the best, and if the wheel stops on a segment with that bet, the Multiplier is triggered. Once bets are placed, the slots on top of the massive wheel will assign a random multiplier (between x2 and x50) to either one of the bet multipliers on the reel or the side games.

A game operator spins the wheel after players place a bet. Below the massive wheel is a betting area with several boxes for you to select. In addition to a betting multiplier, there are two- and three symbols in the rotation. This is also available in dealer casinos and live games.

There are also multipliers on the wheel that double or triple any fixed wins, and the wheel is spun again. For instance, if a Blue Stopper only lands on the Double, players who choose Green or Yellow are paid according to where these Stopper land, so prizes are doubled, and the wheel is re-spun only to resolve Blue wins. If a multiplier wheel lands in the wheel segment, then any tips received receive an additional multiplier — this Multiplier will also increase the value of any bonus games.

If, before this, the Multiplier of one of the bonus games falls on a video slot, then your win is increased by its face value. In two out of four bonus games, players can earn various multipliers depending on their decisions. You can wager in a dedicated bonus game at a time, giving you an additional opportunity to win an insane cash pay-out.

You can also bet on any one of four unique features that the game has to offer. If you have claimed any bonus funds or bonus spins which apply to this game, you are welcome to take advantage of these. You have a choice of choosing if you only want to wager in the mini-game or you also want to wager in the wager multiplier.

Your participation means you must be actively betting for the additional rounds of play all of the time. Once the “Join Goes For You” feature is up, you can jump into the Live stream, make an initial bet, and then wait for the Live Dealer to begin spinning the Crazy Time Wheel.

Heading to the Live Casino section and selecting the Crazy Time, The casino will take you to Evolution Gamings Live Studio, where a host is spinning The Crazy Time for all players. They feature the Pachinko bonus as well. This bonus round has a maximum win potential of 10,000x bet. A player once won 10 million pounds with just a chance of 2400 pounds.

Crazy time is a cash wheel game featuring four major bonus rounds with various real-money prizes. Set up in a fun, highly colourful studio, Crazy Time Online features the basic Money Wheel, featuring a top slot on the top, and also features four bonus play numbers for you to wager. Crazy time sets itself apart from the crowd by having an array of fun, carnival-style bonus games, including shooting galleries, coin tosses, and a unique multiplier Pachinko game. Crazy time adds in randomized multipliers and four slices representing different games a player will play should an initiated spin land on a piece of that game.

The primary difference between Crazy Time and the other two wheels-based games is that there are four bonus rounds for the player to enjoy. The payoff for players in this game differs depending on if you are playing in one of the four bonus rounds or landing in a No. Each Crazy Time round has a multiplier, meaning that when playing safely and making smaller bets, you could still end up winning a lot. Another strategy is to wager a higher frequency number and the bonus round simultaneously.

If you do not hit a bonus round but win on the high-frequent number, then the payoff from that number offsets any other wagers you made. For a Wheel, I recommend betting one or two numbers with values, such as one and ten, and hoping you get most of your wins out of the bonus rounds. If you wager $100 on Number 5 and land on Number 5, you will have multiplied the stake 50 times.

If you have not placed any wagers for a bonus, then you cannot bet it away when the flapper stops at this bonus. If you have been betting on the prize, you will get to play the bonus, whereas if you did not, you only get to look.

If you activate that bonus, you will show a grid that shows 108 multipliers that you can win. Under the second bonus, you will win a grid displaying 108 different multiplier prizes.

To get 5, the Top Slots 50x Multiplier has to be triggered on Dream Catcher casino games. Adding Top Slot Multipliers in every round and four bonus games take the fun and excitement to a new crazy high.

Each round in Crazy Time starts with spinning a money wheel on the Main Game and a top slot. That game will play if the wheel stops at Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt, or Crazy Time. The host then spins the wheel, which starts the 2-reel slots mini-game, used to determine one random Multiplier to the value of the randomly placed segments on the wheel.

You are awarded if a mini-game arrives quickly and hits a good multiplier. If a specific number or bonus has not appeared for a more extended period, like five or ten spins, there is a high probability you will roll over it into your next few spins.

Tips And Tricks To Win

Tips And Tricks To Win

Like any casino game, you will not win every time you play the game Crazy Time, but by using the right strategies, you are sure to improve your odds. Winning in casino games requires strategy and luck, so too does it apply in the case of the Crazy Time slots. Plan cannot get you to win the game since the results are random, but it can improve your chances of winning with no risk of a significant loss. Winning Crazy Time Game is more than just lucky numbers and house edge. It is rare to find real-time tips from real-time casinos as well. Today, we will teach you to win the Crazy Time Game without sucker bets and cash hunts.

A strategy with lower risk aims to make sure you can play for more extended periods and generate frequent, albeit smaller, wins. The idea behind a low-risk betting strategy is built around a focus on maintaining a balanced life span, waiting for a few significant wins to come in the bonus games.

As the numbers below show, the Lowest Risk Strategy covers fewer segments on the wheels, but it does add units in more commonly played sectors. In a Low Volatility Strategy, you want to spread the betting over as many areas of the wheel as possible. When using a low-volatility strategy, you want to wager a few different things in one play and spread your wagers as widely as possible.

The high-volatility mad-hour betting strategy aims to bet only on four bonus games. You have a choice whether you would like to only bet on the mini-games or a betting multiplier. On Coin Flip, your bets can be multiplied two times up to 100 times. For example, if you have $100, you could wager $10 per round or put that money into stakes over four or six games.

For example, if you have $100, you can either bet $10 or invest the money in four to six betting rounds. For instance, if you are putting together a budget for playing a match, then you may split that up each game. For example, you had a starting bet of 1 that will now be the overall stake on your starting round.

If your chosen stake wins and has been increased by the Multiplier, you win this amount or carry the multiplied stake to a winning bonus round. Your number one win covers your bet in the bonus round, and you even earn a bit of a profit when the wheel stops on number two. If the wheel stops at the bonus rounds, players who placed bets in this section will be taken to an independent game, which is a chance to win even more money.

I recommend betting on a value number or two for a wheel, such as one and ten, hoping to get most of the winnings on the bonus rounds. On average, betting on Number 1, the most common wheel segment, would help you win almost 40% of the time. However, a great way to increase your winnings is to bet numbers 1 and 10 simultaneously.

Picking a regularly occurring number such as 1 or 2 will help you win more frequently, which is another good strategy you can employ. You can wager more money on numbers that come up the most often on a wheel while taking fewer chances with ones that come up the least frequently if you are always betting on numbers with a value of — like 1, 2, 5, 10 — you have zero chance of being the long-term winner.

The most innovative way to play the game is always to stake 5 per cent or less of your casino bankroll each round. Because Crazy Time is such a high-variance game, betting large amounts every match will rapidly burn through your bankroll. When betting this game at a live casino, make sure to bet a big enough sum so that you will be in with the chance of winning BIG when the Multiplier comes up. One of the best strategies for Crazy Time is to place your wagers across all four bonus games and to start with a lower bet-per-play and raise it a bit if you lose, as statistically, you should have an easier time winning on the second go-around.

Apart from the Crazy Time strategy, the strategy described above suggests that you make a bet of 10 Euros (or the equivalent in other currencies) on each game round, where each betting unit is 1 Euro. The Martingale Strategy is built around the belief that the bonus round is won once in six game matches and that this knowledge is used to calculate your betting budget.

Depending on your budget, you may want to gamble over multiple rounds instead of betting all of your money on a single game. The best strategy is to combine betting for numbers and the bonus sections. The idea here is to bet on only the mini-games, quite consistently.

You can also look at statistical graphs to see the odds you are getting, depending on where you want to put the wager. You could make your bets in five of the eight possible selections. Timing the betting and changing your chances accordingly could be the winning factor in this game (as is the case with Monopoly Live, too).

It turns out we had the odds to make a minimum bet on 2 of 3 games. Of course, multipliers alter this profit/loss analysis, so the best strategy is to wager two numbers and two/three bonuses to cover our possible losses as best as potential while maximizing our wins. A more straightforward approach is to bet all the squares, excluding 1, and spread-out bets evenly to get paid back our stakes across all courts (excluding bonuses, which may pay out larger than our stake, and not including multipliers in the early rounds, which can pay out larger too).

If the wheel lands on a different digit for whatever reason, then the Martingale system requires double-betting on this bet as many rounds as it takes until the wheel lands on a bonus play. Coming up with a bulletproof strategy for winning games in the popular Crazy Time Wheel Show can be a frustrating experience — unless you have an excellent plan.


The evolution of Crazy Time Game has changed, but with a bit of luck and strategy, winning is still as likely. The money wheel in game shows and online casinos has helped players win real money with their multiplier values. They are often generating more chances and wins than top slot machines.

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